SA Music Used by Global Sports Channel


Mama Dance ! Music Library is the largest collection of South African production music in the world containing over 1000 tracks. It is used extensively in South African TV shows, documentaries and television ads as well as in the Travel channel programming for the past three years.

The library recently attracted the attention of an international broadcaster, the ESPN global sports channel.

“The ESPN deal is different to the deals we have with South African broadcasters – they wanted exclusive rights to music for use in their 2010 Soccer programming, whereas broadcasters here use our music on a non exclusive basis under the NORM blanket licenses,’ explains  Craig McGahey, owner of Mama Dance ! Music Library. “Luckily we could call on our network of super talented composers and musicians who were very happy to produce tracks for exclusive use on such a popular international sports channel. The more tracks we gave them, the more they wanted.’

ESPN will have one year exclusive rights to six tracks by composers Ben Amato, Daniel Eppel and Wim Kock. Thereafter the tracks will be available for all to use on Killer tracks, a very popular US music library. 

Mama Dance ! Music Library now has over 1000 tracks specially composed and arranged by top South African composers for use in commercial productions, usually synced to picture. They are currently distributing the latest DVD 1-24 which includes seven new releases which range from melodic African crossover, African emotive anthems, raw African percussion, Mbira Karimba, to expansive cinematic soundscapes and classical.


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