The Boxer With Attitude


Proving popular with TV audiences over the last three months, Buddy the wise-cracking boxer dog with human lips is to star in his third Toyota South Africa commercial.

As from mid-November, Buddy will be seen in the middle of the bundu, verbally abusing a pack of wild dogs running alongside a Toyota Fortuner. Buddy’s hushed tone mimics that used by wildlife documentary commentators.

As with Buddy’s previous two commercials, this new one was once again developed by Draftfcb Johannesburg’s creative team of Brett Morris, James Cloete and Ivor Forrester. The commercial was directed by Dean Bloomberg of Bouffant Productions with extensive post-production by Sinister Studio to “bring Buddy to talking life’.

According to Draftfcb South Africa’s Group Executive Creative Officer, Brett Morris, Toyota has received numerous calls from ordinary South Africans who thoroughly enjoyed the first two ads featuring Buddy and wanting to know when he’ll be getting up to new tricks.

“When the public begins to mimic a character, or incorporate an ad’s copy into their speech, that’s when you know the advertising has captured their imagination. When they start calling or writing in to suggest their own scenarios for future ads, that’s when you know they have really taken your marketing tack to heart, and that is exactly what’s happening with Buddy,’ he says. “It is very gratifying, and humbling.’

Buddy’s purpose is to remind consumers that Toyota vehicles are “loyal’ and will never let their owners down, trust being the one quality Toyota truly owns, the one characteristic its competitors can’t challenge it on.

Toyota South Africa’s Vice President of Marketing Planning ; Communications, Marius Vorster adds: “We are cognisant of the fact that now is an opportune time to build share of voice, which should translate into market share once the economic recovery begins. Buddy is the creative thread that is relevant to all Toyota brands and all our marketing requirements. In adspeak, Buddy represents a different approach to take advantage of the opportunities presented by these challenging times; and he’s doing us proud,’ he says.


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