Auteur shorts get their day


Ten short films by aspiring auteur filmmakers will be showcased at the inaugural Auteur Short Experimental Film Festival which takes place at Cape Town’s Labia on the Kloof on 4 December. The festival is run by the Auteur School of Independent Filmmaking which plans to make this an annual event with international entrants from around the world.

Says the school’s principal Amour Setter: “Most of the entrants from the school produced their short films on a no-budget basis. They all helped each other on their respective films, and borrowed props and wardrobe from one another. Armed with a digital camera, a few small lights and some audio equipment, the graduates pushed through and pulled together very professional looking short films. Actors were sourced from the film school’s network, or were friends and/or family members of the young filmmakers.’

Four of the short film entrants in this year’s festival were collaborative efforts by graduates from Auteur School of Independent Filmmaking and AFDA. The Auteur filmmaker is the author of his work, so the directors were also the scriptwriters. Their visions were supported and nurtured by the producers assigned to their films.

Setter continues: “The stories vary tremendously from one another and are all fresh and new, moving away from the old traditional stories of apartheid, post apartheid, Aids and hijackings. There are no films longer than 10 minutes, with the shortest entry coming in on five minutes.’

According to Setter, Fred Phyfer from Mountain Movies was very supportive during the filming of the various shorts, and gave equipment to some of the graduates at very discounted rates.

Judges for the festival were sourced from the local film industry and include: David Wicht – Film Afrika; Marlow De Mardt – DO Productions; Roy Zetisky – Pistoleros Films; Greg Copeland – DOP; Jacques Koudstaal – DOP; and Cindy Rodkin – freelance producer. All entrants will compete against one another for awards in the various categories.

The festival’s main sponsors are Signal Hill Winery and Auteur School of Independent Filmmaking. Auteur School of Independent Filmmaking is sponsoring courses for the winners to the value of R15,000 and Visual Impact has sponsored a camera, lighting and audio kit for two days hire to the value of R4500 for the winner of the Best Director award. To date there are still sponsored prizes pouring in from suppliers in the film industry.

For pre-booked tickets contact Amour Setter on 078 591 2044 or e-mail her on


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