Celebs to rough it for charity


M-Net will shoot a new Survivor South Africa series at an exotic, but desolate, location in the Indian Ocean. This time the participants will be some of South Africa’s famous faces whoo will endure hardship, devious tribe mates and the forces of Mother Nature to raise funds for the charity of their choice. The longer they stay in the game, the more money they will take home.

Helen Smit, M-Net’s Head of Local Content, says this rendition of Survivor South Africa is designed to have both celeb-watchers and Survivor fans talking. “It will be the Real McCoy; Survivor in all its television splendour and challenges! We’re not planning to change the format to make it easier for our celebs.’

This means that the Celebrity Survivors will be bugged by nasty creepy-crawlies, endure hunger-pains and use their creative skills to build shelter and catch food, all whilst scheming how to get rid of their fellow contenders. 

The casting process for this unique Survivor is still in process and musicians, models, television presenters and actors who think they are up for the challenge, and are available for Survivor action in November and December 2009 can email celeb@mnet.co.za.
The planned Survivor South Africa will be produced by Endemol South Africa.


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