Big music video shoot


For Belleville-based band Thieve’s new music video, production house Generous Pictures used an Imax projector to project various images over the band as it performed in studio. The result was shot on 35mm.

The music track, Last Day December, required the band members of the Indie-Pop-Rock group to “rob” a bank.

According to Generous Pictures director, Harold Holscher, the shoot required precision planning and very tight shots, because stock was limited. But, with all the professionals involved giving of their best, the result is a beautiful, almost surreal, journey of music and colour.

“It never ceases to amaze me how the most simple concept, empathetically handled, can produce such evocative visuals,” he said. “Hats off to everyone who worked on the shoot and in post-production; we had so little to start off with but have ended up with so much.”

The video was shot at Cinelicht, a new studio set up just outside Durbanville in the Cape, and special effects were masterminded by Flame operator, Stuart Wilson. Waterfront Post handled the post-production, and Blade the final online. It can be viewed on Thieve’s Facebook page, search for ‘thieve’.

Thieve was formed in 2008 by Andrew Davenport (lead singer), Fred Den Hartog (lead guitar), Jako Swanepoel (bass) and Philip Erasmus (drums). The band is regarded as one of the hardest-working new arrivals on South Africa’s music scene, and has played with some of the country’s top acts. It has opened for the likes of A King.


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