M-Net’s new talk show


As from 23 September at 8pm, well known radio DJ and Idols judge Gareth Cliff will have his own talk show on pay-TV broadcaster M-Net.
Head of Local Content Helen Smit said the broadcaster was looking for a high-profile male celebrity-driven talk show with a local tone. “With Gareth’s no-holds-barred opinitions, the Gareth Cliff Show will ruffle some feathers and spark interesting debates around a variety of topics. Whether you love him or hate him, you have to admit that Gareth has his own take on the world. Brace yourself for a show that will be a blend of controversial topics with an infusion of wit and humour.”

To test the content and likeability of the programme, M-Net commissioned a pilot episode of The Gareth Cliff Show which was taken into intensive market research. “Talk shows are traditionally a difficult genre to crack, as the host plays a vital part, and we are thrilled with the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received,” says Smit.

The Gareth Cliff Show is produced by Imani Media and directed by television veteran, Bobby Heaney, who has been chiseling the concept with Cliff and his agent, Rina Bloomberg, for almost five years. “We’re convinced that the Gareth Cliff brand has never been more ready to branch out into a fully-fledged television show,” says Heaney. “Many talk show hosts have taken themselves too seriously, but Gareth’s gift of the gab, wit and nonchalance will turn this into a highly entertaining product.”

Each week, the gregarious man who invented ‘Phuza Thursday’, will choose a topic which he has a strong opinion about – from current controversies to issues in our day-to-day South African lives. His views will then be challenged, or matched, by three guests on a panel, and a lively three-way interaction between him, the guests, and the studio audience, who are encouraged to ask questions and share their opinions too, will ensue.


The Gareth Cliff Show will run for 13 weeks on M-Net, every Wednesday at 20:00.


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