Rugby scores for Vodacom


In Alan Irvin’s latest commercial for Vodacom, it all comes down to who has the biggest boerewors. The 60” spot follows the tone and quirky storyline of the Player 23 campaign – showcasing South Africa’s biggest (and most fanatical) rugby fans.

Completed for Draft FCB by Picture Tree, the script follows the efforts of the two men to outdo the other in expressing their devotion to the bokke; told through the narration of Afrikaans pop-star, Robbie Wessels, with his bevy of babes.
According to Picture Tree, Irvin’s shooting style was perfectly suited to the script which called for a cheeky, humorous take on the rivalry between South Africa’s biggest rugby supporters: Elton and Jan. 

“The shoot was great fun,” adds Gary King, Executive Producer of Picture Tree, “Alan had a great time interpreting the tongue-in-cheek look at South African rugby culture. The crew loved it and we are now all Robbie Wessel fans! The townsfolk in Alberton were fascinated with the shoot and couldn’t have been more fantastic to us.”


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