New category for Pendoring


A new student category called Truly South African Advertising has been introduced into the Pendoring Advertising Awards, which celebrate Afrikaans advertising excellence. The category is open to any medium.

The introduction of the category has generated positive response from educational institutions. Says Vega lecturer and copywrite navigator Roela Hattingh: “This category will recognise work that creatively uses and honours all  our beautiful languages, translated into honouring the rituals and culture that moulded us. I’m ecstatic about the Truly South African category where students can showcase their creative ability in any format – and be awarded a sought-after Pendoring.”

Dr Ludi Koekemoer, principal of the AAA School of Advertising adds: “Afrikaans is growing without ‘splashes’. This is clear from the music, the arts, the theatre and of course advertising. Pendoring is, and has always been, a truly sought-after award. And now Pendoring is spreading its wings by introducing the new Truly South African category for students in any medium. What a challenge for the exciting young talent at our advertising schools and universities.”
Senior Pendoring co-ordinator Franette Klerck notes that year after year, the student category lures some of the most exciting Pendoring entries. “The new Truly South African category will allow them to showcase their creativity even more – in all of South Africa’s official languages. This reaffirms just how inclusive Pendoring has become.”
The Pendoring Advertising Awards were established 15 years ago by all the Afrikaans media heavyweights to encourage and reward Afrikaans advertising excellence. The Awards have since evolved into an ongoing and comprehensive project, with significant sponsorship support, to encourage the creation of Afrikaans advertising to effectively reach this vibrant target market.


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