FIFA sponsors training for sports journalists


FIFA, the world soccer’s governing body, has undertaken to provide mid-career training to more than 300 reporters and photographers across Africa. The programme is part of FIFA’s “Win in Africa with Africa” development programme. The courses will be run by the AFP Foundation, the international training arm of Agence France-Presse and co-financed by the European Union.

The programme kicked off near Senegal’s coastal resort of Saly on 12 May and facilities have been provided by the Senegalese Football Association. French-speaking reporters from Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire and Togo will take part in the first week-long session, starting on 18 May.

Other sessions will take place in May and in early June 2009 in Abuja, Cairo, Johannesburg, Libreville, Maputo, Nairobi and Rabat. A total of 137 reporters and 15 photographers have been selected for the first round of training. The courses for young journalists from 46 African countries will be run in four languages, Arabic, English, Portuguese and French.


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