New soccer brand concept


Shield for Men Sportsfan has launched a brand new soccer concept.

To reinforce its passion for the game and to build an association with
soccer in the run-up to 2010, the brand has signed two well-known creative footballers – the current PSL player of the year, Orlando Pirates and Bafana Bafana player, Teko Modise, and the Kaiser Chiefs and Bafana Bafana maestro, Simphiwe Tshabalala – who will act as brand ambassadors.

They will be the faces of Shield for Men Sportfan’s “Soccer Anytime,
Anywhere, No Sweat” concept, which the brand launched in April.

In addition to this, Shield, in consultation with soccer experts, has
devised a new and exciting action soccer concept – one that highlights the skills associated with the game and provides edge-of-the-seat excitement for participants and spectators alike.

“South African soccer fans are unique and their passion for soccer is often demonstrated far from the stadiums and fields.  We have developed a concept, which, in conjunction with Shoprite, will allow Shield men to play during the course of their everyday lives, anytime, anywhere with no sweat,” says Unilever head of public affairs, Ethne Whitley.  “It’s taking soccer to the people and giving them a chance to participate in this new, exciting soccer concept.”

The Shield soccer concept taps into the inherent fanaticism of South
African sportsmen and sport fans alike, which is often characterised by
intense rivalry, especially when it comes to soccer. The endorsement of the two players highlights their confidence on the field and draws a parallel with the complete confidence that Shield for Men gives its users.

This tournament will be launched nationwide using a unique competition
format and a unique set of rules, a one-of-a-kind soccer arena construction and a partnership with one of SA’s biggest retailers for a 13-week prime slot TV series.


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