Bafundi Film & TV Fest


Aimed at promoting student filmmakers in South Africa, the 2nd Bafundi Film and Television Festival will take place at the Wits Theatre Complex in Johannesburg from 27 to 29 March.

During the three days of the festival, each participating film school is allocated a half hour slot in which they can show productions from their institution. There are also roundtable discussions, which allow for the delegates to interact with invited industry practitioners in smaller groups or on a one on one basis.

The Bafundi Festival is an opportunity for students from across the country to meet, network and see each others’ work. The involvement of key industry players is in support of the Festival goal of building professionals by providing the learners with workshops and a chance to see the film industry outside of their institutions of learning.

The primary sponsor, SABC and the Gauteng Film Commission, support the Festival in the hope of enhancing the ever-expanding film industry. By giving this opportunity to students and staff from film schools, the Bafundi organisers and their sponsors create a pool of talented individuals equipped to make a start in this competitive industry.

All film screenings during the Bafundi Film and Television Festival will be open to the public and entrance is free. This is all done in an effort to grow audiences for local productions.

Full details regarding the festival are available on the Wits Theatre website or you can email to:


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