Rap star in commercial


South African self-made rap artist Hip Hop Pantsula (HHP), also known as Jabba, is the star of the new Stimorol commercial. Conceptualised by Cadbury South Africa and Ogilvy Cape Town, the commercial was shot in Dobsonville, Soweto, by new director on the block, Malo 8 from Frieze Films.

In the 30-second commercial, HHP, complete with trademark hooded top, walks through the township explaining his view of the three kinds of people one encounters in life: those who sit on the side and watch the world go by, the dreamers who drift along waiting for something to change, and those who get out there and make it happen. Before walking off to the beat of his latest track, All I need, HHP pops a piece of Stimorol and asks, “Which kind are you?”. As a brand, Stimorol invites South Africans to ‘Chew Life’.

According to Kelly Putter and Michael Lees-Rolfe of Ogilvy Cape Town, Malo 8 ensured that HHP delivered a credible and inspiring performance. “Working with Malo was a very cool experience, not only on a professional level but personally. He has the rare gift of being able to communicate exactly what’s going on in that beanie clad head of his, and still remains open to agency and client suggestions. He then swirls it all around and the finished product, from what we experienced, was beautiful to say the least,” said Putter and Lees-Rolfe.

Ogilvy Cape Town’s TV producer, Iris Vinnicombe, concurred: “Malo is passionate, professional and above all a pleasure to work with. The production process was faultless and his team mirrored his enthusiasm and vision. Malo is approachable, honest and always put the concept first. He has great energy and never gives up.”

Concluded Cadbury Candy & Gum Marketing Director Alistair Mokoena: "We are delighted with the commercial; it clearly shows what Stimorol people are all about.  Stimorol is a brand that is all about going out there and making it happen, it’s what Jabba has done, and we all enjoyed collaborating with him on this project.”

Malo 8 is the alias of acclaimed Soweto-born television and film director, Dumisane Phakathi. The 32-year-old – whose documentaries have been lauded at the Toronto Film Festival, the Berlin Film Festival, the Montecatini Film Festival (Italy) and the Ismaliia Film Festivals among others – joined Frieze Films last year.


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