Live Nando’s special on Soweto TV


A two-hour special programme for Nando’s 21st Birthday was broadcast live on 10 November. The programme was produced by 14 10th Street Productions (through Urban Brew Facilities) and involved live broadcast by satellite to seven venues across South Africa where Nando’s staff (Nandocas) were hosting their own individual parties.

“The show created the opportunity to validate Nando’s staff by giving them the platform to see themselves on TV and be seen on TV. The original idea was based around “By Nandocas For Nandocas’, ‘ explains Nelisa Furusa of 14 10th Street Productions which conceptualized and produced the entire show.

“The show was jam-packed with guest performances from Malaika, KB, Natando and Chomme; yet the fundamental essence was to showcase the Nando’s staff through pre-recorded AVs which paid tribute to what they do and have done over the past 21 years,’ says Furusa.

‘The airtime on Soweto TV was the cherry on top as the show could be viewed by Sowetans as well as those able to catch Soweto TV on the Compact and Full DSTV Bouquets across South Africa and the rest of the continent.

‘For 14 10th Street Productions, this was by far the most exciting project we have ever worked on and has catapulted us into a realm of always believing in our potential to achieve what we set out to do,’ says Furusa.


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