SA Writers’ Union meeting


South African writers who work in film and television are still being underpaid compared to their international counterparts according to Basil Dube, general secretary of the South African Script Writers’ Union (SASWU).

To this end, SASWU has called a consultative meeting on Saturday, 22 November at the Newtown Building, 2 President Street, Johannesburg at 10am. Screenwriters, authors, playwrights, radio drama writers, journalists, script editors, and news writers are encouraged to attend.

“The main purpose of the meeting,’ says Dube, “is to discuss the conditions of South African writers in relation to the Department of Labour’s sectoral determination policy and its implication to the film and television industry.

“Any attempt aimed at improving the working conditions of writers in South Africa, without recognising current labour legislation and its diverse applications, is bound to fail. This is the same legislation that is in force to regulate the conditions of children working in the performing arts sectors and other media.

“We will be considering a new approach to engaging producers and broadcasters as the principal employers of writers in the creative media industries.’ Dube concluded.

Other issues to be discussed include the SABC/SAFED Intellectual Property (IP) Research Project, contracts and standard minimum rates for film and television writers.
For more details and confirmation of attendance, please contact 078 7387846 or RSVP via e-mail to


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