eNews to report live on American elections


Free-to-air channel e.tv and the eNews Channel have announced that they will report live from America to cover one of the most historic elections in the history of the USA. eNews will report from America from 30 October until 9 November.

Senior reporter Ben Said will report from Washington, DC and editor-in-chief Debora Patta will report from Chicago, the presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama’s hometown.

Says Julie Maritz, field producer for eNews Channel: “We will be covering many angles for our African viewers, such as how the economic downturn is affecting voter sentiments, America’s war on terror, the role of race and gender in this election, the youth vote, (who are increasingly becoming involved in politics), the role of faith and religion in this election and the major challenges that will face the new president. We will also be covering a story about African Americans in Washington, DC and what Barack Obama symbolizes for them.’ Should Obama beat senator John McCain at the polls, he will be the first black President of the United States.

The crew will also travel to Virginia, which is a swing state, to find out what the tipping point is for potential Republican and Democrat voters. They will be at polling stations on voting day Tuesday 4 November.

In addition, 3rd Degree’s Debora Patta will also cross over live on Tuesday 4 November and Wednesday 5 November from Chicago, at 8pm on e.tv.

On Tuesday 4 November when the polls in America open, Patta will bring you interviews, analysis and views from the American public

And on Wednesday 5 November at 8pm, a special 3rd Degree will broadcast the results and the reactions, the victories and concession speeches – a crucial turning point in US history.


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