SABC’s new Audience Segmentation Model


On 9 October public broadcaster SABC introduced its new Audience Segmentation Model which it believes will give a clearer understanding of its audience and which underlines the SABC’s commitment to “total citizen empowerment’.

To date SABC audiences have been segmented according to Living Standards Measurements (LSMs), psychographics and demographics. The new Model has divided the viewing market into six groups according to attitudinal segmentation. This is based on the premise that behaviour is governed by attitudes and that attitudes can change.

The six attitudinal segments are: Global Citizen; Nation Builders; Now Generation, Survivors; Established; and The Rooted. These were arrived at by using a series of 100 questions developed by the All Media & Products Survey (AMPS). Some 18 000 people took part in the SABC’s survey

Angy Hammond of SABC Market Intelligence stressed that the Model had been vigorously workshop at the SABC before being finalised. “We have developed the Model alongside the South African Advertising Research Foundation (SAARF). I must stress that LSMs, psychographics and demographics won’t fall away with the introduction of the new model; they will complement it. We think that this new Model will predict audience behaviour.’

The Model is highlighted in the SABC annual financial report which was released on 10 October.
For more on the Audience Segmentation Model see the November / December issue of Screen Africa.


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