Orad used for Polsat’s Euro coverage


Poland’s leading TV broadcaster, Polsat, relied on Orad’s MVP sports enhancement package and 3D Replay football enhancement systems for its coverage of the recent Euro 2008 soccer tournament.

Orad Hi-Tec Systems Limited is a leading provider of virtual sets, on-air graphics systems, and sports production and enhancement solutions for the global broadcast market.

After having carefully examined the market, Polsat chose Orad’s sport enhancement systems, which provide a full package of both tracked video graphics and full 3-D animation game analysis tools. Orad’s systems took significant part in the production of both pre-game and post-game shows, generating captivating clips in a real-time environment.

In order to enhance its full high definition (HD) coverage of the Euro 2008 games, Polsat built its main studio in Bad Waltersdorf, next to the Polish team’s training compound and used a second OB Van to cover the Polish games from the stadiums. From these studios, Polsat relied on both MVP and 3DReplay’s flexibility and reliability to offer their viewers rich, full HD graphic content, generating a unique look and feel and positioning Polsat as an innovative and pioneering broadcaster.

Polsat used MVP’s tracked graphics capabilities to highlight players, draw tactical arrows on the field, magnify objects, and more, all in real time. The broadcaster relied on MVP’s easy clip preparation, which only required dragging a graphic asset and placing it on the video screen, and were quickly able to generate the animation between the different key frames.

With 3DReplay, Polsat enabled its viewers to analyse the many controversial calls from different angles, allowing them to judge for themselves if the calls were right or wrong. 3DReplay froze the frame of the critical moment and turned it into a captivating 3-D graphic model, while the Polsat operator generated a new virtual camera path, looking for the most relevant perspective — the referee’s viewpoint, the linesman’s, the goalkeeper’s, the striker’s, or even a top view for a complete tactical view. 3DReplay also provided a set of graphic elements including a virtual offside line, player highlights, and tactical arrows. To make graphics as captivating as possible, Polsat relied on Orad’s 3DPlay on-air graphic solution. 3DPlay provided Polsat with all the tools necessary to provide compelling on-screen graphics for the Euro 2008.


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