Ground-Breaking Master-Class


The training and business development company, Consulting Dynamix, has placed 15 of its learners in a ground-breaking “master-class’ New Venture Creations Media Business Operations. The up skilling course has been running in Johannesburg since March 2008. The program, funded by the MAPPP SETA, has served to confirm that the model of master classes driven by professionals offering mentorship in their field is the ideal route to go, says Heather Setzen of Consulting Dynamix.

Broken up into Small Business theory and Media Business Operations, the programme is a joint venture between Consulting Dynamix, Bedon (Uwe Beckmann), MAPPP SETA, the Gauteng Film Commission and other renowned and respected industry players. Examples of topics to which the participants have been exposed include:

  • Insurance and Completion Bonding – Paul Raleigh – Film Finances (Producer “Tsotsi’)
  • Breakdowns and scheduling and its impact on Budgeting – Desiree Maakgraff – Executive Producer, The Bomb
  • Entertainment law – Anton Alberts
  • Viable forms of production – Peter Carr – Executive Producer, Velocity Films, with Desiree Maakgraff
  • Being true to the Ethics of our industry – Helena Spring – Executive Producer, Videovision
  • Skills needed to survive in business AND The feasibility of running a media business – Dan Jawitz – Emmy Award Winning Producer
  • Setting up efficient accounts systems in production – Debbie Burt – Production Accountant, Endemol.

The learners are now entering the Production Phase of the project sponsored by the Gauteng Film Commission. Here they will create their own productions to be flighted on Soweto TV. This stage ensures the learners put business principles and the theory of producing into practice.

“Ultimately New Venture Creations’ goal is to ensure that all participants have created a viable media business plan prior to concluding the course, while having learnt to adapt this knowledge to productions of all types,’ Setzen says. Their resultant assessment portfolios will contain a variety of production paperwork and templates including research, treatments, budgets, breakdowns, schedules, callsheets, indemnities and accounting systems.

Consulting Dynamix is an accredited MAPPP-SETA provider, supplying employers with skilled employees who can function effectively in today’s real and current media workplace.


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