KFC hits the road


The most recent campaign for the “Finger Lickin’ Good’ KFC brand flighted 10 teasers over ten days between 3 and 13 May featuring team leaders with red boards and the name of the place where their KFC outlet is located.

Graham Lamont, Creative Director of Ogilvy, comments: “The campaign was not just about celebrating the opening of more than 500 KFC stores in South Africa. It was also about turning the spotlight on the unsung heroes and heroines of KFC – the team leaders and their teams – and acknowledging the contribution they have made and continue to make every minute of every working day to building the KFC brand. In doing so, we celebrated diversity – the diversity that makes the teasers and the ads so watchable and also makes South Africa such an energising, exciting place to be.’

Teams and team leaders weren’t told what it was all about, so the excitement built over the ten days of the campaign. Speculation was rife and excitement mounted when the film crew swung into action at a RGM conference attended by team leaders and their teams on the weekend of 10/11 May. Post-production teams worked round the clock and around forty-eight hours after the conference ended, the suspense was over and the mystery solved when a new TV commercial for KFC was flighted. The commercial featured teams leaders holding up red boards with place names which were then flipped them over to reveal the words “South Africa’s favourite’.

Theo Pretorius of film production company Witch and Wizard, who directed the commercials says, “What makes the campaign so special is that we featured real people – there were no extras. And that’s the essence of KFC – real food for real people.’

“We’re delighted with the campaign, and we’re delighted to be celebrating our teams and their success in helping to make sure that KFC is South Africa’s favourite chicken,’ concludes Keith Warren, MD of KFC Southern Africa.


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