Kids favouring computer entertainment


The computer is rapidly replacing the television set as children’s’ primary choice of media outlet, according to Robert Iger, Walt Disney’s president and CEO. “In the years ahead, broadband on the computer will be the primary source of entertainment for kids,’ he said. Last week. “It’s just as important to them as the TV set now.’

Iger said social media is far from a Gen X or Gen Y fad, but in fact a part of everyday life for children. He was very positive about the possibilities of digital media during remarks last week at the McGraw-Hill Media Summit in New York City.
He said digital media has changed the perception of the Disney brand since he took over the company in 2005. He forecast $1 billion in digital revenue for Disney this year — up from $750 million in 2007.

Iger said Disney is beefing up its Internet presence in markets such as China and Australia, and is enhancing its social media, including Disney’s kids-friendly Club Penguin virtual world and an upcoming interactive platform centered on the hit film “Cars.’


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