Training and mentorship for film newcomers


Multichoice is inviting emerging filmmakers with vision, ideas and talent to participate in this year’s Film Talent Incubator.

The programme, which is an intensive 24 week course, has one clear objective – to give 16 lucky participants a chance to receive world class training and mentorship by top industry professionals. Participants will not be expected to pay for the Film Talent Incubator as this training initiative is fully sponsored by MultiChoice in the interests of contributing towards skills development in the Film and Television industry.

Successful applicants must have previous experience or a tertiary qualification in the field of film and television. Applications must include a CV with contactable references and a show reel.

Application deadline: Friday, 7 March at 16h30
Course will run from mid April to the end of September

Contact details, motivations and CVs should be sent to:
Connie Mosegedi
Tel: (011) 482 5599
Fax: (011) 482 6699


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