Hollywood enthusiastic about SA visit


In April, the Annual SA/HOLLYWOOD EXCHANGE which is produced by the one of the top media consultancies in the global industry, the LA and London-based, MediaXchange, in association with the South African entertainment marketing company, Metal Moon, will again take place.

There has been enthusiastic response from some of the likely US hosts with whom the group will meet, says Metal Moon’s Dezi Rorich.

The Annual Exchange events are tailormade, marketing (mini) conventions to procure film and television production business to South Africa in the form of facilitation and co-production finance.

President, Television, Scott Free Productions, David Zucker, recognised as one of Hollywood’s top television producers (Executive Producer of “Numb3rs’, “The Company’, and “The Andromeda Strain’) says he welcomes the opportunity to engage with representatives from the South African industry.

“The resulting opportunities to interact, learn and consult with industry professionals across the globe are not only revelatory, but inevitably result in relationships which are valuable both personally and professionally. Given the breadth of our film and television production interests at Scott Free, we would welcome an opportunity to extend this reach by engaging with representatives from the South African industry.” says Zucker.

Ron Taylor, Vice President, Diversity Development Fox Broadcasting Company and 20th Century Fox TV Studios, says “Exploring the potential of new talent and opportunities brings mutual benefits and it would be most informative to hear more of where the comparatively young territory of South Africa is headed.’

The SA delegation includes approximately 10 high profile industry professionals ranging from the National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF), some regional Film Commissioners and independent producers in film and television. “This Exchange provides unprecedented access,’ says Rorich. “It is far easier to access the decision-makers one to one – on their own ground. In addition, there is genuine interest in South Africa and approaching with group force strengthens any marketing campaign. ‘

The Exchange kicks off with a major briefing session in Hollywood on Sunday 13 April, and meetings run back to back from Monday through Wednesday in Los Angeles, and then Thursday and Friday in New York City.

For further information please contact Dezi Rorich (082) 578 1456 metalmoon@ion.co.za.


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