Local ad sells abroad


The ad which was directed by Bruce Mac is intriguing and fast paced and the combination of 3d graphics, and live action shots gives the ad a unique look and feel. Based on the success of the campaign in South Africa and the generic locations chosen, Bridgestone have opted to use the ad in New Zealand and Korea, which is a massive compliment to Bruce Mac and The Fabulous Boomtown Boys, who are quickly becoming recognized both locally and abroad for their commitment and delivery excellence.

Bruce Mac comments: “The shoot was really tough as we had a single day to shoot six locations that were more than 150k/m apart which seriously tested our planning and logistics, as we needed clear roads. Furthermore the weather turned out to be a factor as it rained, and we had to shoot in between the drizzles. But in this game, you are as good as the obstacles you overcome, and I believe the end product speaks volumes about what we are capable of.

“Working with Greg from DWF Advertising was an absolute pleasure as he was a support and team member in ensuring that we had fun and that no obstacle that we encounted brought us down. Solutions were what he offered, making it a special experience for all.

“After capturing the running footage, the rain came pouring down, and we still needed a pack shot and our dedicated team built a tent in the Sea Point parking lot that allowed us to shoot the pack shot with water falling all around us, as we shot a dry tyre rotating towards us as the car drove onto our ramp.. WOW!! We survived, and now the commercial is being used abroad which is a real stoke for all who worked on the ad.”


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