Licence To Skill


A new 13-part “makeover career series’ from SABC Education creates opportunities for members of the public to study further, irrespective of age or skill levels, through FET (Further Education & Training) colleges countrywide.

Produced by Welela Studios, “Tswellopele – your licence to skill’ was launched at a function held in Johannesburg on 10 October. The series starts airing on SABC2 as from Saturday, 13 October at 10.30am.

Series producer Diony Kempen described the show as an educative, interactive reality show. “In July we put out a call to action to anyone who was unemployed, re-trenched or unhappy with their current job and we received a massive response. Each episode shows a candidate teaming up with a mentor from an FET college. This show really affects people and helps them realise their career dreams.’

Executive producer Morgan Naidu added: “It’s a labour-intensive process shooting and editing each episode as we need to pack it with meaningful content. I think this show is very important because all South Africans need to be involved in nation building and in the march to educational freedom.’

In each half-hour episode, Global mining company Xstrata SA sponsors a bursary for both the featured candidate as well as for a viewer of the show.

See full report in November issue of Screen Africa.


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