Ruda Landman tribute


Carte Blanche will run a 20 minute tribute on Sunday 24 June to Ruda Landman who has been with the programme from its inception in 1988.

Over the last 19 years she has become widely respected as a reporter and presenter on Carte Blanche. Landman has been witness to great changes in South Africa and has travelled across the world to bring a wide variety of stories to Carte Blanche viewers.

She will give us her personal perspective on some of the hundreds of stories she has worked on and about what went on behind the cameras:

From her encounter with gorillas in Rwanda; her journey into the abyss in Somalia shortly after four journalists were killed there; meeting a gracious and charming Mandela in London; Gorbachev in Russia; encounters with a garlic chewing interpreter while filming the Shaolin Monks in the heart of China; the magical atmosphere around a healer in Brazil; the magnitude of a volcanic eruption in Goma; exposing Mama Jackie; and a heartrending interview with a young girl who was sold to paedophiles.

Landman also confesses that she went through some rather steep learning curves on matters sexual, especially for a “platteland se meisie’ who grew up in the small town of Keimoes near the Kalahari.


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