New arrival at Video Lab


The ARRILASER Film recorder is now available at The Video Lab. “Considered the international standard in film recording, the ARRILASER bridges the gap between digital film production and analogue film projection,’ says Video Lab’s Facility Manager, Tracey Williams, “It keeps us up there internationally with all the leading DI, film vfx and film recording houses. It is also a huge advantage to our local market to be able to output the best possible product here locally in SA.’

SA has a relatively large cinema commercial market that will benefit hugely from the quality and fast turn around that comes with the ARRLASER. “The Film-outs will also reduce additional spend and time at the labs,’ says Williams.

As with all ARRI products, this powerful machine offers unsurpassed resolution, dynamic range, and colour fidelity on intermediate film stock. It is the first cine film recorder to use three solid state lasers as the light source, setting a new standard in productivity and reliability, significantly reducing the cost of recording digital images onto film.

The Video Lab has led the arena preparing material in film recording and cinema expertise since 1997. “We’ve been involved in film recording for many years,’ says Williams. “We started with a Solitaire Cine 111 and in 1997 we installed a Kodak lightning 11 film recorder. This has served us well, but in recent years there has been huge pressure to upgrade our machine. ‘For Video Lab, the ARRILASER was the only option.’


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