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Cannes, France: “Audiences are, more than ever, dictating where, when and how they want their content. And broadcasters like the BBC have found ways to meet this need’, said Director of BBC Vision, BBC (UK),Jana Bennett, one of two keynote speakers at the MIPTV Conference “Content 360 Innovation’ on Wednesday, 18 April.

Bennett and Ashley Highfield, Director Future Media & Technology, BBC (UK) provided insights and solutions that are set to revolutionise the thinking of the average TV viewer, let alone, the average “broadcaster’. It all started with the launch of their new BBC1 “Ident’, where, within days of doing this, YouTube were playing host to the public’s very own versions of the logo. One of them saw their Ident transformed into one of history’s most macarb movie moments, “the shower scene’. Set against a backdrop of blood, curdling down the drain, the logo was redefined, literally swirling away with the blood. “Do we sue or do we celebrate the creativity of our audience?’ was the question.

The BBC’s response was to acknowledge that their audiences were not only creative but that they wanted to participate or interact with their brand. “It’s about expanding communities that want to interact,’ said Bennett. The BBC opted to willingly cede the power of creativity to its audience. This was the start of “syndication’, a deal with YouTube was struck, and the BBC provided all their Idents as a downloads for their audiences to play with. “It’s about meeting audiences where they choose to be but with the clear aim of driving them back to not only the BBC but also the BBC website portal’, concluded Highfield.

Paula Brown


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