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The Mobile TV and Multi-platform content Showcase at MIPTV provided some compelling stats, jargon and innovative thinking. Mark Selby, Vice President, Nokia (UK) started off by differentiating between Mobile TV and Mobile Broadcast TV. The latter, using broadcast technology while Mobile TV relies on broadband streaming.

The greatest emphasis was placed on the mobile user and the various uses of the mobile. For those of us who are only just learning the three letter acronym, UGC (User Generated Content), Selby is seeking to ban it, believing this to be disrespectful towards the creators of the material viewed by billions on sites such as YouTube and His new name for this is: Social Content.

Consider the 191.8 million Euro’s that Italy’s Buongiorno secured in revenue in 2006 (even if only partly attributed to “UGC’) and you too would stop referring to these creators as “users’. Selby emphasized that Mobile should not merely feature as a component of 360 degree marketing platform’s but should be acknowledged as the medium that facilitates all 360 degree platforms.

Orange’s, Mobile Multimedia Offers, Director, Catherine Le Drogo explained that whilst France had 3.6 million Mobile TV customers, all of these were still “snacking’ (less than five minutes per viewing). Interestingly enough, research indicated that whilst people felt that mobile viewing would be most relevant outside the home, 70% of viewing took place indoors and during standard television, prime time.

She went on to explain that the reason Mobile TV is not mainstream yet is as a result of the high cost of handsets. They are working towards a “flat rate’ for both, consumption, and the technology to allow Mobile TV to move to the next level.

Paula Brown.


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