Sentech launches new MyWireless flexi range


Telecommunications operator Sentech announced its three new offerings on its MyWireless internet platform, MyWireless Plus, MyWireless Lite & MyWireless Family, at a Press launch on Wednesday, 28 February. Sentech maintains these new deveopments place it on the next competitive level in wireless broadband internet services.

In support of the new product offerings, Sentech has also announced that its entire network has been upgraded to offer improved download speeds of up to 1 megabit per second which should go some way to appeasing consumers who were critical of the services provided by MyWireless.

The new flexiPlus offers consumers significant value as it considerably increases the amount of free data allocation on each contract and thus reduces the effective price per megabyte. In the case of the flexi200plus (available from R199 per month), users will now receive 500MB of free data, which is 300MB more than the original 200MB available on the original flexi200 offering. “Essentially, our flexiPlus range is offering consumers more bang for their buck. Although the contract pricing remains the same, existing as well as new customers will now benefit from a significant increase in data allocation,” comments Marcel Steyn, MyWireless product manager for Sentech SA.

“With MyWireless flexiLite we are now targeting a large potential customer base, that is users that are still using dial-up modems or with no internet access at all. Indeed, with MyWireless flexiLite users can now access the internet with relative ease and utilise all the benefits that come with continuous broadband connectivity at a significantly lower price point,” says Steyn.

The offer, which is available exclusively through Sentech’s Value Added Partners, includes a month-to-month contract that comprises 150MB free data per month, which can either be capped or extended through a pre-arranged agreement. Furthermore, potential users can purchase the MyWireless modem at a reduced price of R439, which is very cost-effective when compared to similar offerings. Additionally, as the MyWireless flexiLite contract has a 31-day notice period, users can easily upgrade to the flexiPlus product range without having to buy a modem again.

MyWireless flexiFamily was created for families with multiple internet users that don’t necessarily want to share the same PC or modem or apply for a separate contract. For an additional R49 per month Sentech is enabling customers to add an additional user on a separate modem.

“MyWireless flexiFamily enables users to easily gain access to wireless broadband connectivity. The barrier-to-entry is minimal and the benefits even more substantial as up to four members of each family can now get their own modem, user name and e-mail address, thus making using the internet simultaneously at various locations just so much easier,” says Steyn.


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