Milano Film Festival call for entries


The twelfth edition of Milano Film Festival is officially open. The competition collects and selects short and feature films from all over the world and is open to films of any genre, running time, language and format, provided that they have been produced after January 1st 2006. The selected directors will be invited to Milan (information and rules on the web site ). The submission deadline is May 31st, 2007.

OUT-OF-COMPETITION SEASON: STATE (T)ERROR. The call for entries for the State (T)error season is open to works of any language, format and length, produced even before January 1st, 2006. The submission deadline is May 31st, 2007. Stories depicting crimes, injustice and massacres, committed under the banner of democracy, freedom, security or religion.

Terrorism as a strategy of so-called democratic governments. A deliberate, organized, thoroughly planned terrorism consisting in warfare actions, ban on dissent and slanted news coverage. These are the main characteristics of this out-of-competitin season, that the festival presents in 2007 for the third year in a row.

THE ARTISTIC PROGRAMME The film project will be further enhanced, as a result of a year of commitment in the search for and distribution of films from all over the world.

Special consideration will be paid to filmmakers depicting unknown stories and cultures, to independent productions that are usually ignored by commercial circuits. In particular, the aim is to focus on those countries that manage to produce films despite their economic, political and social difficulties. Furthermore, larger participation of feature films will be encouraged.

A FESTIVAL FOR THE CITY. The artistic project is complemented by activities aiming to favour the participation of the festival in the life of the city and to interact with all the citizens – not only of film buffs. Peculiar urban installations will transform public space – the real venue for collective events. Beside the Teatro Strehler, new prestigious spaces will be involved.

A WIDE-RANGING EVENT. Once again the festival will feature a large number of side events, as a further proof of its ability in gathering art, celebration, culture and public participation: retrospectives, seminars, out-of-competition screenings, non-stop events, workshops, meetings, concerts, exhibitions and activities for students, children and elders. From early in the morning to late at night, hundreds of events within the event will contribute to create a festival that is not an occasion limited to film buffs and members of the film industry, but a place where cinema merges with other contemporary forms of expression and becomes part of a lively and universal language.

A CULTURAL PROJECT. Milano Film Festival is an all-round project able to highlight and include in its programme the most characteristic features of the city. Thanks to collaborations established year after year with the most important cultural operators the festival gives to its public – citizens and visitors – a special opportunity to discover Milan’s less known historical and cultural places.

THE HOLIDAYS PROJECT. First conceived four years ago, the project has been developed to offer alternative accommodation during the festival, as a solution to the lack of low-cost facilities in a city that is expensive and often inhospitable. The project also offers a cultural alternative: a temporary hostel, set up in unusual spaces and designed as a real house, becomes a workshop, a place to gather and interact. The house offers accommodation at a fair price, and it includes a common area, a screening room, an exhibition room. Furthermore, guests will enjoy price discounts around the city. A real and different chance to experience the real atmosphere of the festival.

THE PRESENT, BETWEEN ENTHUSIASM AND OBSTACLES. Milano Film Festival is an event that grows, changes and helps things change. It has become established as the true home of independent and innovative cinema, it gathers international guests and citizens and has won the approval of the audience and of film critics.

In the lead up to its twelfth edition, with the enthusiasm and the receptiveness of a great event, with the satisfaction of carrying out an innovative project, the event still suffers from economic uncertainty. Because of the lack of public funds, Milano Film Festival is still fighting for its survival.

Supported by the passion of its collaborators and by the ability to cope with a city where culture is under-represented, the organisation still continues, looks for the participation of public institutions, relies on the help of a multitude of volunteers and hopes in the generous sensitivity of private companies. And in a miracle that Milan will be able to perform once again.


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