Writer’s workshop in JHB


A once-off Weekend Workshop for Independent Filmmakers exploring the craft of making a short film and the art of being a film director takes place at Screen Africa at Sasani Studios in Highlands North from February 9 -11, 2007.

The workshop is presented by Cape Town-based The Writing Studio and hosted by the trade publication Screen Africa. The trainer is award-writer-director-producer Dirk Fourie, an Independent Filmmaker who has been teaching workshops in filmmaking and directing for The Writing Studio the past three years, and whose short film In God’s Country was screened by invitation in competition at the Apollo Film Festival in 2006.

The intensive weekend workshop discusses the importance and benefits of being a South African short filmmaker; developing your vision as writer/producer/ director; making the short film you want to; the script breakdown; the relationship between director and his actors; interpreting and choosing a visual style for your film; using the short film to sell yourself as a director.

The Short Film is no longer a bastard child in the film Industry, but has proved to stand firmly and independently on its own since the South African Short Film Elani made history when it won an Oscar in 2006. Local filmmakers like Gavin Hood (Tsotsi) made his 35mm film-directing debut with a 22-minute short film The Storekeeper, and South African born Jonathan Liebesman (Darkness Falls, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning) made his leap to feature films through his short film, with producers the likes of Michael Bay headhunting him.

The Writing Studio’s motivational, inspirational and educational making-a-short-film workshop guides aspirant filmmakers through the process of making a short film, from pre-production, production and into post-production.

It’s a great training ground for candidate film directors, actors and screenwriters who want to pursue a career in filmmaking, and also gives scholars and students the opportunity to make a competent choice in a career decision in the film and television industries; and to develop their independent film projects.

The Weekend Workshop for Independent Filmmakers takes place at Screen Africa, Sasani Studios, Highlands North on Friday, February 9 from 6pm until 9pm, Saturday, February 10 from 9am until 6pm, and on February 11 from 9am until 6pm.

The cost of the workshop is R950. If you are a registered student or scholar, or a pensioner, the cost of the workshop is R750. Bursaries are available on discretion for unemployed candidates.

For more information on the Weekend Workshop for Independent Filmmakers and how to sign up, visit the website www.writingstudio.co.za, email info@writingstudio.co.za or call 021 425 5355 during office hours.


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