Bringing back the blue for HTH


Ireland/ Davenport’s first commercial for their new client HTH has been given a fresh new look.

Sue Ferguson, MD of Ireland/ Davenport explains the focus of the new HTH commercial: “The new TV commercial builds on the well-established HTH brand. We wanted to create an emotional response to the HTH brand. I believe we have achieved this in a manner that is non-traditional for the category and intriguing for the viewer.’

The commercial, titled “Blue Migration’ was conceptualised by Philip Ireland and John Davenport and filmed in Cape Town by Jeremy Holden of Threshold Collective. It opens on a wide shot of a beautiful sky which is oddly depleted of its normal blue colour. Accompanied by an ethereal soundtrack, the viewer is taken through a number of scenes where the blue colour appears to be physically draining out of the objects concerned, like a man’s blue t-shirt, a small blue car.

These patches of blue gradually make their way in a surreal form across the urban landscape, joining other moving blue patches until ultimately one realises where all the blue is going – a swimming pool. A man is holding a HTH 4-in-1 Floater which he twists open and drops into his magnificent blue pool.


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