Literature for TV Adaptations Conference


Literature for TV Adaptations Conference

The SABC Content Hub Drama has introduced the “Book Me” series to bring literary adaptations to the visual media. This series will commission 8 x 48-minute films that will be adaptations of South African and African Literary Works.

Objectives of the “Book Me” series are to produce a slate of South Africa and African films from South African and African Literary works; to enable the film and television industry to understand the importance of literary adaptations; to create accessibility of literary works to the mass population using the visual media; and to profile the black intellectual capacity in South Africa and Africa.

To initiate the process, the SABC Content Hub Drama Department, in conjunction with the Department of Arts & Culture (DAC), plans to hold a Literature for TV Adaptation Conference. The first of its kind in South Africa, the conference aims to be a roundtable for all key stakeholders.

Dates: 27, 28 & 29 September 2006

Times: 19H00-22H30 (27th Sept)

09H00-18H30 (28th & 29th Sept)

Venues: Joburg City Hall & Museum Africa, Bree Street, Newtown, Joburg

Objectives of the Adaptations Conference:

a€¢ Importance of literary work as a voice of culture and identity

a€¢ Importance of using visual media for longevity and accessibility

a€¢ Importance of literary work to tell the untold stories of the African people

a€¢ Methodology of interpreting literary work into visual medium

a€¢ Methodology of film and television narrative structure

a€¢ Legal Rights

The Conference will feature topics such as “Decolonising the Mind, the Politics of Language in African literature”; “How to write about Africa – Representation (Race, Class, Gender and Identity) in the Literary and visual arts – Convergence between the two forms”; and “Popular culture, globalisation and identity and the battle for audiences”. There will also be an analysis and discussion of adaptations in television and film.


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