Hearing-impaired subtitles for Survivor SA


In an effort to make Survivor South Africa as accessible as possible, pay-TV channel M-Net has announced that the show will be supported by optional subtitles for the hearing-impaired. These “HI Subtitles” will be available from the first episode, set to be broadcast on Sunday 3 September at 18:00. Hearing-Impaired Subtitles have been available on some M-Net channels since May 2005.

Subtitling for the hearing impaired is not visible on broadcast permanently, as subtitles on shows like Egoli are. Viewers have to request the HI Subtitles on their DStv decoders for the subtitles to appear.

To access the HI Subtitles functionality, press the button on the remote that looks like a box with a line at the bottom. A few options will appear – scroll to the a€˜HI Subtitles’ bar using the up and down arrow keys. Press OK and the subtitles will then appear.

On newer decoders, press the SHIFT button followed by the ALT button, this will launch a pop-up menu, then scroll with the down arrow key to the icon that shows a TV with a single line which represents a€˜subtitles’. Press the OK button to turn it on. HI subtitles will not be available on PVR until November, when a new software download will enable the function.


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