Media Film Service hits Jozi


Media Film Service launched its latest full service equipment rental facility in Sandton, Johannesburg with a big bash on 24 August.

The party was attended by the Jo’burg film industry and was hosted by Media Film Service’s CEO, Jannie van Wyk and Neill Horsfall, who heads up the new branch.

“The Johannesburg branch has been in operation since 2000 but it was only there to service our Cape Town clients shooting in Jo’burg” says Van Wyk. “And as many in the industry experienced, 2004/5 was a disastrous year and it took its toll on our growth ideas. But it has taught us a lot about what happens when things go wrong, and how to work under these adverse conditions.”

“This experience has brought us to where we stand today. When the resources in equipment became available we were in a position to proceed with our plans to offer a full service branch in Johannesburg. We have taken the plunge to deliver a one-stop rental facility encompassing lights, cameras, grips, consumables and Kodak to the Johannesburg market.”

“Once we knew that all our ducks were in a row and that we could provide the best equipment and service – something that we always strive for – we decide to have an official opening bash.”

“The Jo’burg market is a very big and well established one. We knew that in order to enter it, anything short of the best of gear and expertise would just not be good enough.

Media Film Service was started in Cape Town over six years ago and has become a well respected and credible organisation. The company opened a branch in Durban nearly five years ago to support the growing local industry requirements. Swakopmund too has seen Media Film Service gear stationed there to support the increasing number of productions shot in Namibia.

“Media Film Service has always strived to be in a position to supply the Southern African industry with world class equipment and all the new and state-of-the-art technology that is on offer in the world. Quality equipment and back-up service is what we have to deliver and this is what we in turn need as support from our suppliers too. Arri and Kodak have been our cornerstone brands as they are the best in the world market for quality and innovation. This is what Media Film Service has been built on and we are very proud of our longstanding association with such suppliers”.

Other quality suppliers have been added to the offing at “Media” over the years. Some of the most exciting are the Technocrane Super Techno 30 and the Super Techno 15 cranes. Also supplied are the Mosys motion control and Panasonic P2 High Definition cameras as well as the latest addition, the Tornado K4 high-speed 1000 fps HD camera.


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