Best Global Brands for 2006


Consultancy Interbrand’s annual Best Global Brands report has revealed a big loss in the estimated brand worth of some companies. Ford is reduced in brand value by 16% to $11bn, while Gap plunges 22% to $6.4bn in the report. The world’s top brand for the fifth year in the row is Coca-Cola with a $67bn brand price tag.

US companies continue to dominate the 100-strong league table. Only two of the top five brands are worth more in 2006: IBM (No. 3, up $2.8-billion) and General Electric (No. 4, up $1.9-billion). Mobile phone giant Nokia has regained its position as top mobile phone brand, dialing up $30bn of brand value with a number six position.

The relentless rise of digital cameras inflicted damage on Kodak’s rating, with its roots in conventional film leaving the historic name down 12% on last year. Korean conglomerates see their massive marketing offensives paying off as Samsung gains 8% at 20 in the list. Fellow consumer electronics champion LG is in 94th position , but gained 14% and is worth $3bn. Hyundai cars accelerate by 17% to reach the number 75 slot. The other top gainers were Google (No. 24, up 46%), Starbucks (No. 91, up 20%) and eBay (No. 48, up 18%). And two brands, Lexus and Burberry, made the list for the first time, knocking Hertz and Heineken out of the top 100.
Source: Ken Rutkowski


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