New Aids commercial


Is Creative Vision in hot water for debunking the infamous shower myth with their new Aids Commercial? We hope not, but we’re determined to get the message out.

When we first came up with the idea many individuals we approached did not want to be involved, as they felt the subject matter far too sensitive for obvious reasons. Recent media related developments probably justify their concern.

We at Creative Vision believed the message so important, we produced the commercial regardless of not having found any sponsors or organizations willing to be associated with it. Utilising still photography and photo-realistic 3-D animation we brought the scenes to life and completed the commercial totally in-house. The only person we had to call in for a favor was DOP Willem Viljoen who kindly gave his time and skillful eye to the photographs.

We then changed our strategy and started looking at alternative NGOs and found an organization that felt as strongly as we did about the message. Together we will endeavor to get it flighted as many times as possible.

The ad can be viewed by following this link :


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