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XenData announces multi-site sync service for cloud object storage

XenData, a global provider of data storage solutions, announces its new Multi-Site Sync service for cloud object storage which creates a global file system accessible worldwide via XenData Cloud File Gateways. The XenData gateways are optimized for video files, supporting partial file restore and streaming, making the solution ideal for media applications.

Each gateway manages a local disk volume that caches frequently accessed files. The solution scales to 2 billion files, unlimited cloud storage and up to 256 TB of local disk cache at each location. It optimizes an organisation’s productivity by providing global file sharing across multiple facilities combined with excellent local performance provided by the local disk caching.

Each instance of the synchronised gateway runs on a physical or virtual Windows machine and allows the global file system to be accessed on each local network as a standard share using SMB, NFS and FTP network protocols. When a file is written to the cloud object storage via one of the gateways, it immediately appears as a stub file within the global file system on all other gateways.

The Multi-Site Sync solution currently supports the following cloud object storage services: Amazon Web Services S3, Hot and Cool tiers of Azure Blob Storage and Wasabi S3. Furthermore, it works with multiple cloud storage accounts, allowing simultaneous use of multiple cloud storage providers within the global file system. Each gateway uses multi-part HTTPS with checksum verification for fast, reliable and secure connection to the cloud storage. The gateways adhere to the Microsoft security model based on Active Directory, allowing easy installation into existing domains. The Cloud File Gateway software can be installed on Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019 and Windows 10 machines. XenData also offers two optimized edge appliances that include the XenData gateway software: the CX-10, a 1 RU rack-mount appliance with a 10 TB disk cache and the X1, a compact unit that includes a 1.92 TB SSD cache.

The solution uses cost effective object storage and is priced from $150 per month for a system that manages up to 10 TB of cloud storage and has two gateways. The cost of the cloud object storage is in addition. Multi-Site Sync is scheduled to be available in May 2020.

XenData launches file system mirroring software

XenData, a global provider of high capacity data storage solutions, launches FS Mirror software which syncs file-folder structures between cloud, local disk, LTO and Sony Optical Disc Archive (ODA) storage. The software is optimised in terms of performance and integrity specifically for these storage types: Performance is maximised by restoring files from LTO in tape order and from ODA in disc order; File integrity is assured by using end-to-end checksums.

An attractive use-case for FS Mirror is to synchronise a file-folder structure held on an LTO archive, an ODA system or on shared disk storage to a clone copy stored in the cloud. In addition to providing a data protection copy in a cloud location, it supports multi-site access to the entire cloned file system.

Another mode of use is to replicate the file-folder structure on shared disk storage to LTO data tape cartridges within a robotic library. FS Mirror provides a cost-effective data protection solution for high capacity disk volumes that scales easily to multiple petabytes. And, if a file is accidentally overwritten or deleted on the shared disk storage, old and deleted versions of any file can be restored individually from LTO. In the case of a serious problem with the shared disk storage, the complete file system can be easily rebuilt from LTO using the FS Mirror software which will rapidly recover files in tape order.

The FS Mirror software runs on XenData Hybrid Storage and Archive Servers. A wide range of robotic LTO libraries are supported including from Dell, HPE, IBM, Oracle, Overland Storage, Qualstar, Quantum and Spectra Logic. For cloud storage, it supports the hot and cool tiers of Azure Blob Storage.

Phil Storey, XenData CEO, commented, “Conventional backup software does not scale to very large volumes of digital assets because there is never enough time for a full backup and restoring from hundreds or thousands of incremental backups is unreliable. FS Mirror provides a synchronised backup mirror copy of one or more file systems and does so in a way that scales to petabytes.”

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