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Local Changemakers honoured in global documentary, I Am The Engine


Waves for Change, an organisation in South Africa which helps vulnerable youth realise their full potential by leveraging the healing power of surfing will be featured in a 10-part documentary I Am The Engine. The documentary is hosted by Red Bull Amaphiko participant and Tem Açúcar founder Camila Carvalho and has already racked up an impressive number of views after launching on YouTube this week.

Waves for Change which, helps the youth of Cape Town stay off the streets and away from violence by channeling their energies into the positive activity of surfing, recently hosted Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are currently on their Royal Tour in South Africa and Waves for Change was one of their first stops on their trip.

I Am The Engine showcases ten social entrepreneurs from across the world who are driving change for the good of society. Changemakers from South Africa, Rwanda, India, Indonesia, Turkey, the United States as well as Brazil feature in the documentary series These changemakers are solving seemingly insurmountable challenges through innovation, ingenuity and dedication.

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