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RED cameras combine cinema-grade image quality & incredible dynamic range to deliver the best images possible to cinematographers everywhere.

Introducing the DSMC2 GEMINI Kit

The award-winning DSMC2® GEMINI® 5K S35 is now available in a kit, giving shooters the core components to take advantage of GEMINI’s dual-sensitivity modes to capture cinema-quality images in any lighting environment.

The kit provides a 7% savings versus buying each item individually and includes:

  • Al Canon Lens Mount
  • DSMC2 RED Touch 7.0″ LCD
  • DSMC2 Outrigger Handle
  • DSMC2 V-Lock I/O Expander
  • RED MINI-MAG – 960GB
  • IDX DUO C98 batteries with charger
  • G-Technology ev Series RED MINI-MAG Reader
  • Heavy-duty camera case
  • 2-Year Standard Warranty

For flexibility in any situation, GEMINI is RED’s highest sensitivity sensor to date and offers significantly increased performance in low-light settings and improved performance in shadows. A DSMC2 GEMINI is capable of data write speeds of 300 MB/s, and can simultaneously record in REDCODE RAW and Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHR/HD.

With features like cable-free peripherals, integrated media bay, wireless control, and more—DSMC2 GEMINI is also compatible with a growing arsenal of modules and accessories—from RED and other Third-Party manufacturers. Tack on interchangeable OLPFs and lens mounts and DSMC2 GEMINI gives you the ultimate control over your footage.


Pond5 announces premium footage collection shot on RED Digital Cinema cameras

New initiative provides filmmakers with the opportunity to reach a global audience while earning incremental revenue from their cinema-quality 8K, 6K, 5K, and 4K video work.

Global content marketplace Pond5 recently announced a plan to create the world’s most compelling collection of royalty-free licensable video content shot exclusively on RED Digital Cinema professional cameras.

Filmmakers currently working with RED cameras or who fully own footage shot on RED are encouraged to apply to become a part of the programme HERE. Those selected for the launch of the collection will have their work promoted to a global audience and will also become eligible to receive free footage preparation services from the Pond5 team.

“The quality of the footage captured on RED cameras is really incredible, and it deserves to be spotlighted in its own channel,” said Pond5 CEO Jason Teichman. “Filmmakers using these cameras are some of the best in the world, and they’re making a significant investment in their craft, whether they’re committing to the purchase of a RED camera or just negotiating access to one for a shoot. This collection offers them a way to get exponentially more eyes on that work, while getting the opportunity to see an additional return on that investment.”

The Pond5 RED initiative follows the recent launch of Pond5’s DJI collection, continuing the brand’s recognition of the gear and technology manufacturers that enable cinematographers to create their most captivating work and fully realise their creative visions. It also offers the opportunity to re-purpose the footage that didn’t make the final cut on a particular project, giving it new life as creative content for other high-profile productions.

“Creating a special collection exclusively for RED footage on Pond5 is a perfect extension of our own ‘Shot on RED’ campaign, which includes a huge cross-section of major theatrical and broadcast releases,” said RED president Jarred Land. “We’re excited to collaborate with the Pond5 team to help promote artists working with our cameras and provide them with a new way to earn revenue from their work.”

All applications received via the form now online will be considered for the launch of the new RED collection on Pond5, currently planned for later in 2018. Artists submitting will be asked to provide a link to their work along with details on which RED camera they shoot with. Both pre-existing work and new work will be considered, as long as the artist fully owns the copyright. Submissions will be judged on quality, creativity and category demand in the Pond5 marketplace.

RED Digital Cinema returns to Cine Gear Expo

RED Digital Cinema will be at Cine Gear Expo this year in Los Angeles at The Studios at Paramount from 1 to 2 June 2018. RED will showcase its DSMC2 camera line-up featuring premier sensors, Monstro 8K VV, Helium 8K S35 and Gemini 5K S35. Additionally, RED will demonstrate 8K workflows, covering 8K Redcode Raw, HDR and image processing pipeline (IPP2).

RED will also be taking attendees behind the scenes on Christopher Probst, ASC’s new short film, Epoch. On 1 June at 12h45 and on 2 June at 11h45, Probst will break down his approach to shooting the short film, set in a post-apocalyptic world of harsh, dusty exteriors and dark desolate nights. Probst and director Rich Lee relied on the sensor qualities of the RED Monstro to deliver a visually compelling 13-minute narrative finished in 4K.

For more information, click HERE.


RED digital cinema’s new Gemini 5K S35 sensor

RED Digital Cinema recently introduced the new GEMINI 5K S35 sensor for its RED Epic-W camera. The Gemini 5K S35 sensor leverages dual sensitivity modes to provide greater flexibility for a variety of shooting environments. Whether creators choose to shoot in standard mode for well-lit conditions or low light mode for darker environments, the RED Epic-W with Gemini 5K S35 sensor delivers incredible dynamic range and produces cinematic quality images.

The Gemini 5K S35 sensor delivers exceptional low-light performance allowing for cleaner imagery with less noise and better shadow detail. Operators can easily switch between modes through the camera’s on-screen menu with no downtime. The Gemini 5K S35 sensor offers an increased field of view at 2K and 4K resolutions compared to the higher resolution Helium sensor. In addition, the sensor’s 30.72 mm x 18 mm dimensions allow for greater anamorphic lens coverage than with Helium or RED Dragon sensors.

“While the Gemini sensor was developed for low-light conditions in outer space, we quickly saw there was so much more to this sensor,” said Jarred Land, president of RED Digital Cinema. “In fact, we loved the potential of this sensor so much; we wanted to evolve it to make it have a broader appeal. As a result, the Epic-W Gemini now sports dual-sensitivity modes. It still has the low-light performance mode, but also has a default, standard mode that allows you to shoot in brighter conditions.”

Built on the compact DSMC2 form factor, this new camera and sensor combination captures 5K full format motion at up to 96 fps along with incredibly fast data speeds of up to 275 MB/s. Additionally, it supports RED’s IPP2 enhanced image processing pipeline in camera. Like all of RED’s DSMC2 cameras, EPIC-W is able to shoot simultaneous Redcode Raw and Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD/HR recording and adheres to RED’s dedication to Obsolescence Obsolete— a core operating principle that allows current RED owners to upgrade their technology as innovations are unveiled, as well as move between camera systems without having to purchase all new gear.

The new RED Epic-W with Gemini 5K S35 sensor is available for purchase at select RED authorised dealers globally and on RED.com. Alternatively, Weapon Carbon Fiber and RED Epic-W 8K customers will have the option to upgrade to the Gemini sensor at a later date. For more information visit the RED website.


RED Digital Cinema’s RED Raven kit now available exclusively through apple.com

RED Digital Cinema announced that its RED RAVEN Camera Kit is now available exclusively through apple.com and available to demo at select Apple Retail Stores.

This complete handheld camera package features a diverse assortment of components from some of the industry’s top brands, including:
• RED RAVEN 4.5K camera BRAIN
• RED DSMC2 Touch LCD 4.7′ Monitor
• RED DSMC2 Outrigger Handle
• RED V-Lock I/O Expander
• Two IDX DUO-C98 batteries with VL-2X charger
• G-Technology ev Series RED MINI-MAG Reader
• Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM | Art
• Nanuk heavy-duty camera case
• Final Cut Pro X
• foolcontrol iOS app for RAVEN Camera Kit

The RED RAVEN Camera Kit is available for $14,999.95. Customers can buy this package or learn more at Apple.com and select Apple Retail Stores.

“We are very excited to work with Apple on the launch of the RED RAVEN Camera Kit, available exclusively through Apple.com,’ said Jarred Land, president of RED Digital Cinema. “The RED RAVEN Camera Kit is a ready-to-shoot professional package that gives content creators everything they need to capture their vision with RED’s superior image capture technology.”

The RAVEN 4.5K is RED’s most compact camera BRAIN, weighing in at just 3.5 lbs. This makes it a great choice for a range of applications including documentaries, online content creation, indie filmmaking, and use with drones or gimbals. The RAVEN is equipped with a 4.5K RED DRAGON sensor, and is capable of recording REDCODE RAW (R3D) in 4.5K at up to 120 fps and in 2K at up to 240 fps. RED RAVEN also offers incredible dynamic range, RED’s renowned color science, and is capable of recording REDCODE RAW and Apple ProRes simultaneously—ensuring shooters get the best image quality possible in any format.

The RED RAVEN Camera Kit also includes Final Cut Pro X which features native support for REDCODE RAW video, built-in REDCODE RAW image controls, and the most complete ProRes support of any video editing software. Together with the free RED Apple Workflow software, Final Cut Pro allows professional video editors to work quickly and easily with RED RAVEN footage on MacBook Pro, iMac, and Mac Pro systems.

All RED cameras feature a modular design that empowers customers to dial in their ideal configuration for any production environment.

Avid DNxHR and DNxHD now available for RED Digital Cinema DSMC2 cameras

On 18 April 2016, RED Digital Cinema announced that its DSMC2 cameras – Weapon, Scarlet-W and RED Raven – can now shoot in Avid DNxHR and DNxHD recording formats via free firmware update. This update includes the ability to shoot REDCODE RAW (R3D®) simultaneously alongside Avid DNxHR/HD and delivers another intuitive workflow option to professionals shooting on RED.

In addition to Avid, RED announced a selection of new accessories including: DSMC2 Side Handle; DSMC2 Jetpack-SDI Expander; DSMC2 V-Lock Battery Module; and RED PRO Touch 7.0″ LCD. Collectively these accessories unlock the creative power of RED camera systems.

For more details visit the RED website.

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