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PromaxBDA announces new judging criteria

PromaxBDA, after considerable consultation and review, has streamlined the judging process for the PromaxBDA Africa Awards by reducing the main
judging criteria categories from three to two.

The PromaxBDA Awards stand for excellence in the media marketing space and are
regarded as one of the most prestigious awards programmes for creative endeavour in this field.

The new judging criteria are now as follows:

Message Effectiveness
Beyond creativity and production value, this is specifically about how clearly the
message is being communicated, how effective that message is being conveyed and
how successfully its objectives are being met in the entry.

Overall Creativity
How does the entry compare with similar promotional items, displays, print ads,
spots or campaigns with regard to originality of concept?

Previously the marketing objectives accounted for 1/3 of the total score. This is no
longer the case. Submission of scores will be based on the new criteria. The
“marketing objective’ is now meant to only help provide context to the entry should
the judges need clarification. Entrants are encouraged to include a brief summary of
the “marketing objective’ only as a reference for the judges.

In line with the changes, PromaxBDA have reduced the number of characters from
1000 to 250 in the “marketing objective’ section and have also eliminated “marketing
objective’ from the list of disqualifying criteria.

The award-winners will be announced on 20 November at the culmination of the
PromaxBDA Africa Conference, which takes place at The Maslow hotel in Sandton,

PromaxBDA Africa celebrates “Creatorshakers’

This year marks the 10th anniversary for PromaxBDA in Africa, which will take
place on 20 November at the swanky Maslow Hotel in Sandton, Johannesburg.
PromaxBDA is an association which celebrates achievements within the global
community engaged in the marketing of television and video content on all
platforms and this year PromaxBDA Africa chairman Tim Horwood says the
spotlight will be on “Creatorshakers’ – the people taking innovative strides in the

“In 2015, PromaxBDA celebrates its 10th anniversary in Africa, and we dedicate this
year to the brilliant, sleep deprived, budget stretching individuals who create, and
do it so beautifully,’ says Horwood.

The PromaxBDA Africa awards are complemented by a line-up of conference
sessions delivered by local and international experts. According to the PromaxBDA Africa website speakers for
this year include Maurice Marable, a US filmmaker and international public speaker
on the subject of creativity; as well as Tom Palmaerts, trend consultant and partner at Trendwolves agency in Belgium.

The deadline for award submissions is 4 September, while early bird registration for
the conference ends on 28 August. For more information visit the PromaxBDA Africa website.

PromaxBDA Africa 2015 call for entries

Across the world, the PromaxBDA Awards stand for excellence in the media marketing space and are regarded as the most prestigious awards for creative endeavour in this field.

All those South African and African creatives involved in on-air marketing, branding and design are encouraged to enter the 2015 PromaxBDA Africa Awards before 4 September 2015.

The award-winners will be announced on 20 November at the culmination of the PromaxBDA Africa Conference, which takes place at The Maslow hotel in Sandton, Johannesburg. Information about the award categories and entry criteria can be found on the PromaxBDA Africa website.

For more information about the awards or conference email vanessa@promaxasia.tv.

CSquared takes top sport promo award at PromaxBDA 2014

Johannesburg-based production company CSQUARED walked away from the 2014
edition of the PromaxBDA Africa awards with more statuettes than many of its
peers. The team took the gold for Most Outstanding Design in Promotion, Best
Visual FX and Compositing and Best Use of Humour in Promotion. It picked up the
silver awards for Best Interactive Promo, Best Sports Campaign and Best Sports
Promo. It also received nominations in several other categories.

According to Chris Dobson, owner of CSQUARED, the gratification of winning these
recognitions is that much greater because the team was working with regular,
annual briefs rather than any new, big campaigns that would come with more
capacious budgets and meatier creative opportunities. “This presents a lot of
challenges because firstly, we’re not working with major budgets and secondly we
have the challenge of taking a regular campaign and making it fresh, adding
something new to it. The Promax awards are a validation for us that we managed to
do that successfully.’

There were three campaigns that took awards for CSQUARED, all of them for pay-
TV sport broadcaster SuperSport: the ABSA Currie Cup, the ATP/WTA Tour and the
Barclays Premier League. Under strict instructions from SuperSport’s creative
director David Martin to show him something he had never seen before, the
CSQUARED team innovated with concept, copy and design to create three promo
campaigns that could make viewers look differently at their favourite sporting

For the Barclays Premier League launch, they had to combine two separate
concepts, originally pitched as alternatives, into a single 60-second spot. Featuring
SuperSport presenter John Dykes, the copy expounds how the English football
league has grown into a truly international phenomenon, with players from all over
the world becoming the teams’ stars and viewers across the planet shouting for the
favourite club. This was the first concept. The second part of the spot, which won it
the silver for Best Interactive Promo, featured an invitation to fans to Instagram
photographs of themselves in their team’s colours.

It was the use of humour in the ABSA Currie Cup launch that made this a
memorable campaign. It consisted of three spots, each one turning its attention to
one of the “unsung heroes’ of rugby. The ad which took the award Best Use of
Humour, was won in which a man who paints the lines on a rugby field passionately
explains the intricacies of his craft. A second in the series saw a cheerleader going
through her preparations for the next game. Collectively these ads took the silver
for Best Sports Campaign.

The biggest winner for CSQUARED was its work for the ATP/WTA tennis tour, which
won for Most Outstanding Design in Promotion, Best Visual Effects and Compositing
and Best Sports Promo. For this, the team experimented with an innovative double
exposure technique and the recognition they received for came as a particular
surprise to Dobson, especially as it came in the BDA category. “This is not
something we usually specialise in,’ he says. “We have a small effects and design
team and this award is really a feather in their cap.’

The Promax- winning spots went on air at various times last year but several of
them can still be seen on Vimeo.

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