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Marquis Broadcast’s disaster recovery tool protects against catastrophic data loss

With the rise in crypto-ransomware attacks in recent years, companies need to make certain they run scheduled backups of their data, in order to keep both media project data and critical business operations safe. However, when infected by crypto-ransomware, the backups themselves can also become infected, which often renders the whole backup strategy useless. Luckily, Marquis Broadcast’s Workspace Backup system avoids this problem. It analyses and copies Avid workspaces and projects to Tier 2 storage and the cloud and will never backup any media that has become encrypted, ensuring valuable media files remain intact.

Crypto-ransomware is a harmful program that encrypts files on a computer or mobile device in order to extort money. It works by encrypting the contents of a file so that it’s impossible to read, then threatens users via prominently-displayed messages for money in exchange for the decryption key needed to restore the files. Recently, crypto-ransomware has taken down large broadcasters and production companies in the US and Europe, with the loss of months and months of Avid projects and associated media. Workspace Backup from Marquis Broadcast would have prevented this disaster, since the system won’t just blindly backup media files but will instead look for changes and not allow the newly encrypted media files to be added into the backup.

Workspace Backup is a powerful disaster recovery and business continuity tool, designed specifically to protect Avid shared storage systems. It uses detailed analytics of Avid workspaces to ensure the highest levels of integrity of a backup, ensuring the most crucial projects can be immediately and individually recovered to production in any location that can see the backup.

Workspace Backup first runs low-level analytics to examine and characterise every byte of data held within the source Avid workspaces, so it’s able to check the data structure and report if something is wrong before it’s too late. It then backs up the content of the workspaces, before copying all the projects that use media in those workspaces. Finally, those projects are analysed and any other assets that are linked to them are also backed up. Thereafter, any subsequent backups replicate changes in the source workspaces and capture new versions of the projects. Workspace Backup is ideal for use to take daily backups of Avid work-in-progress, safeguarding companies from data loss from crypto-ransomware, drive failure or if files are deleted by mistake. Workspace Backup is also Avid-certified, operating seamlessly within the Avid environment and ensuring the integrity of the media backup.

Marquis Broadcast to showcase Fotonflite at NAB NY and SMPTE Tech Conference 2018

Marquis Broadcast’s will be at the NAB Show New York from 17 to 18 October at booth N853, and at the 2018 SMPTE Tech Conference from 22 to 25 October at booth 438. The company will be showcasing its new Fotonflite secure transfer system, which is a high-performance, secure ‘on-the-fly’, point-to-point transfer system for Avid Media Composer projects and media workspaces. Fotonflite allows files to be moved between source Avid NEXIS/ISIS systems and a range of target storage types, including Avid, generic and proprietary storage, allowing remote servers to be configured as if they were local.

Fotonflite is unique in its ability to directly connect and securely synchronise live Avid ISIS/NEXIS systems too, especially with live Avid work-in-progress. It is ideal for securely connecting production centres over the internet for example, Pinewood, UK, and Hollywood, USA. Fotonflite also benefits from advanced Avid project pre-analytics, meaning that after the first transfer, only the subsequent project and workspace changes are transmitted, resulting in ultra-fast sync and transfer updates and the most efficient network utilisation.

The Marquis Broadcast exhibit will also feature the Interplay Metadata Export Tool (IMET), which enables customers to export Avid Interplay project and media metadata – essential when archiving projects from an Interplay system. This is useful to backup Interplay metadata, make it more widely available and to reduce the size of the Interplay database to improve performance. The utility works alongside the archiving process, exporting metadata so it’s fully-searchable via a web browser, displaying a list of projects that can be opened to see the metadata information for all assets (master clips, sub clips, etc.), along with headframes and a downloadable copy of the AAF file for sequences. It is possible to search across projects, assets or any system or user fields.

Marquis will also showcase a new dashboard plus secure server side AWS S3 encryption for Project Parking – the industry gold-standard for Avid storage management analytics and project portability. The dashboard provides usage tracking for remote Marquis Workspace Tools and Project Parking systems, ideal for multi-site companies wanting to remotely monitor and manage NEXIS and ISIS data usage.

Other product developments include a new search panel for Edit Bridge, which enables custom searches of Interplay files, allowing non-Avid editors to easily create complex Interplay queries for use within Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe After Effects CC and Apple Final Cut Pro X. Finally, the latest version of Medway media-centric middleware now supports frame rate conversion and HDR 4K support, converting 4K HDR content to HD SDR content, along with automatic motion compensated deinterlacing to progressive, delivering great flexibility and quality for automated media workflows.

To find out more about Marquis Broadcast’s latest product news, join them at NAB NY (booth N853) and SMPTE 2018 (booth 438) this October, or visit the Marquis Broadcast website. You can also book an appointment to meet at the show by clicking the SMPTE link or the NAB NY link.

Marquis Broadcast launches Fotonflite secure transfer system

Marquis Broadcast has launched Fotonflite – a high-performance, secure ‘on-the-fly’, point-to-point transfer system for Avid Media Composer projects and media workspaces. It allows files to be moved between source Avid ISIS/NEXIS systems and a range of target storage types, including Avid, generic and proprietary storage. Fotonflite is unique in its ability to directly connect and securely synchronise live Avid ISIS/NEXIS systems, especially with Avid work-in-progress, and is ideal for connecting production centres over the internet, for example, Pinewood and Hollywood.

Fotonflite is an option for Marquis Workspace Sync, Workspace Backup and Project Parking professional production workflow tools, which are all Avid-certified. The operation of Fotonflite is totally transparent to these applications. It was developed in response to two different customer requirements: a studio that needed to securely sync Avid NEXIS between US and UK; and a post house who wanted to securely protect and manage remote freelance Media Composer projects on Tier 2 storage. In each case, existing transfer technologies were deemed insecure, since they required data ‘at rest’ outside of the connected servers.

“Conventional transfers may expose Avid productions to additional security risks, since the files must often be copied to a temporary folder, where they’re at rest, before the network-accelerated transfer system will pick them up,” explains sales and marketing director, Paul Glasgow. “Fotonflite solves this problem by using a point-to-point connection that’s always in-flight, so at no point during Fotonflite-enabled replication, archive, copy, share and sync processes will data be at rest outside the source or target storage systems.”

Traditionally, access to an Avid ISIS or NEXIS system has only been possible if a workstation was attached to NEXIS via a high-performance, low latency, low jitter LAN and was locally running the Avid NEXIS Client software, and network distances may be restricted. Fotonflite removes this fundamental limitation for attached Marquis applications, enabling many new, remote workflows if required, even operating at intercontinental distances.

When used with Project Parking, Fotonflite can help archive from Avid on-line storage to Tier 2 storage in a remote location. This allows for additional protection from disasters by putting the archive off site, enabling a large facility with multiple locations to maintain a single archive site with savings in management, administration and security.

Using unique ISIS/NEXIS analytics, Fotonflite transfers project and media changes from one storage system to the other as delta transfers. After the first full Fotonflite transfer, any subsequent transfers send only the project and media changes. This intelligence transforms the speed and efficiency of subsequent updates or backups, and in many scenarios, reduces network payload by 90 per cent for the fastest possible target project and/or workspace updates. It also offers more choices when deploying remote disaster recovery and business continuity solutions to protect Avid ISIS / NEXIS work-in-progress.

Fotonflite is completely transparent in operation. Project Parking, Workspace Backup and Workspace Sync will act in the same way as they would when writing to any of the storage types locally. The transfer to the remote site is handled entirely in the background and the remote storage looks, to the Marquis user, as if it were installed locally. Fotonflite is available as an upgrade for existing Workspace Backup, Workspace Sync and Project Parking customers with a valid support contract and as an option for new customers.

More information can be found in the Marquis Fotonflite whitepaper.  For further information about Marquis Broadcast’s range of professional broadcast and production workflow tools, visit their website.

Kwesé streamlines workflow with Marquis’s Medway

Pan-African broadcaster, Kwesé, has taken delivery of a Marquis Broadcast Medway system, supplied by Zimele Broadcast, to streamline its sports production and facilitate fast-turnaround coverage of a recent major sporting event in Asia. The Medway middleware was retrofitted to an Avid NEXIS/ Interplay, Oracle DIVA and Dell EMC Isilon infrastructure, to enable Kwesé’s team to edit while ingesting media for the fastest possible turnaround of incoming live feeds. Importantly, Medway enabled this critical functionality without needing to replace any existing systems.

Kwesé uses Imagine Communications’ Nexio AMP video server for live ingests of sports feeds, attached to Nexio Farad™ storage, while its edit systems are connected to the Avid NEXIS software-defined storage platform. Moving files between these two systems previously meant waiting for recordings to finish before being able to start editing, which was obviously not ideal when creating sports highlights. Marquis Broadcast’s Medway middleware solution has now provided Kwesé’s sports edit team with instant access to footage, plus the ability to edit while growing. This has dramatically reduced turnaround times of sport content, without the need to update any of its existing editing systems or storage.

Medway is a very powerful and scalable media-centric middleware solution, enabling a complete digital workflow to ensure edit platforms, MAMs, video servers and archive systems can work seamlessly together. Designed to meet the demands of the most challenging production environments, Medway is used globally by broadcast, production, post production, newsrooms and playout facilities. It offers integration between incompatible systems in media production workflows and is cloud-enabled too, bringing the richest set of legacy and contemporary integrations to cloud and hybrid workflows.

Medway simplifies Avid workflow complexity by use of the world’s largest library of certified workflow and metadata integrations. It has enabled Kwesé to build out the precise workflow it needed, with support from Marquis during setup and testing, delivering a cost-effective integration between its broadcast content applications and edit platforms – both standalone and using shared storage. This new workflow is now used daily by Kwesé, reducing turnaround times and providing an improved offering to viewers. “The team from Marquis Medway were very helpful every step of the way, assisting us with seamless setup and testing,” explains Kwesé’s head of Broadcast Engineering, Baxter de Jager. “This system is a perfect addition to our workflow.”

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