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New Sommer Cable DVM-HDT-KIT to make HDMI testing effortless

Sommer Cable’s vision of solving problems caused by incorrect cabling, setup, HDCP or EDID communication has led to the development of the innovative Sommer Cable DVM-HDT-KIT (HDMI 2.0 Engineers Toolkit).

The easy-to-use measurement system which is capable of handling all common HDMI video resolutions and bandwidths, including HDMI 2.0 signals with 4K resolution, is also useful for testing video/audio streams for installations, controlling HDMI sources, sinks, and cable routes.

The DVM-HDT-KIT, consisting of HDMI signal generator and HDMI analyser, allows for extensive signal analysis capabilities, an audio metering display for eight channels, real-time signal monitoring with error counters, and Integrated Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) memory for up to 14 EDID sets. You can watch what is happening at the input/output on the display in real time for analysing and eliminating problems which may be caused by a faulty set-up, wiring, EDID communication or High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP).

In order to make this flexibility possible, the desk version has built-in battery packs with low power consumption coupled with 24-volt power supply units, two compact HDMI cables, knobs, buttons and a front panel headphone socket for signal control. A mobile version is available for the toolcase or rackmount set, which means engineers and project designers can now think beyond location limitations.

The kit also comes with software that, facilitates the setting of all function parameters, configures and monitors all aspects of system functions. For instance, the HDMI input can be activated or deactivated via software for on/off switching simulations. The PC software can also be used for checking individual devices and large device compounds – setting a new standard in professional integrated cable check solution.

Sommer Cable, known as a global leader in manufacturing cable solutions for the professional broadcasting industry, completes the innovation circle by combining comprehensive features, compact dimensions and practical functions controlling, which facilitates the highest possible testing quality and reliability in one solution.

The company has teamed up with their South Africa partner, Broadcast Lines, to customise and distribute its products to South Africa.

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