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South African director wins at international Best Shorts Competition

South African director Michael ‘Micl Snr’ Norman and female producer Grace Norman, both of MiclnGrace Studios, have won numerous awards at The Best Shorts Film Competition, in Los Angeles, California. The awards were won for the duo’s short action film, Project X, in the Best Short, Women Filmmakers and African/American categories.

Corrupt governments, billionaires, a deadly assassin and the disloyal, make a powerful impact in the short film Project X. When all is controlled by money, the options of the innocent, become limited. Rogue Taze, a deadly South African Assassin becomes an unpredictable threat after he learns of the hidden truth regarding his previous contracts and their association with the C.I.A. This thrilling short was shot in Los Angeles, California USA in the historic cultural landmark Biltmore Hotel, with experienced actors and crew, whom of which have worked with celebrities such as Jackie Chan and Scott Adkins.

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