Telemedia (Pty) Ltd at Mediatech Africa 2019

Hitachi SK-HD1800

At Mediatech Africa 2019, Telemedia is showcasing a number of innovative and industry-leading products and solutions from their suppliers. Products and solutions on display include:


Hitachi manufactures a wide range of high-quality, professional broadcast cameras – with a camera for every application. Whether you are looking for studio, OB/EFP or remote / POV cameras, Hitachi has a camera to meet every technical requirement and budget.

  • SK-UHD4000

Hitachi’s top-of-the-range camera – the SK-UHD4000 – is a 4K UHD system camera with 2/3-inch CMOS sensors and a standard B4 lens mount. The Fibre CCU can output not only 4K (12G or Quad-3G) but also simultaneously outputs HDTV signals  – making it a great future-proof, multi-format,  multifunctional camera for studio or OB use.

Hitachi also has a range of 1080i/1080P(3G) switchable HD cameras, fitting all price and technical/feature categories:

SK-HD1300 with three 2/3-inch CMOS sensors and remote controlled filter wheel.

SK-HD1800 with three 2/3-inch (Global Shutter) CMOS Sensors and remote controlled filter wheel.

Z-HD5500 with three 2/3-inch (Global Shutter) CMOS Sensors with Manual filter wheel.

All these cameras can be used with a range of CCUs – offering fibre, triax or Wireless connectivity.

  • SK-HD1300-S3

The SK-HD1300-S3 is a fibre-based 3x Speed Super Slow-Motion HD camera system, providing a high quality, but cost-effective, Slo-Mo companion camera.

If 1080i format HD is all that is required, then the Z-HD6000 with three 2/3-inch CMOS Sensors and Z-HD5000 with three 2/3-inch (1 Mpixel) IT CCDs are – more budget-friendly alternatives, with lower-cost triax or fibre systems also available.

There is a range of viewfinders which are compatible with all SK and Z series cameras – including  2”, 7” and 9” LCD and 7.4” OLED viewfinders.

For remote pan/tilt systems and POV applications, Hitachi has a range of compact box cameras:

The DK-H200 (1080P – 3G), DK-H100 (1080i) and DK-Z50 (1080i with 1M Pixel CCD sensor) all have standard 2/3” B4 lens mount.

Broadcasters and production companies all over the world depend on the solid reliability of Hitachi cameras, and enjoy the natural, high-quality pictures that they produce.

Vislink Technologies

  • Vislink HCAM

The Vislink Technologies HCAM wireless camera transmitter is a highly flexible ultra-low latency, HEVC 4K UHD-capable solution that features configurable mounting options and the latest video interfaces – allowing the unit to be mounted to broadcast cameras for time-critical sporting events and entertainment programming.

The HCAM 4K Wireless Video Transmitter has recently been updated to offer improved HD operation. Now, with the updated HCAM HD HEVC technology, professionals can operate HD at lower bit rates and realise improved reception and transmission robustness.  Picture quality measurements and subjective video testing have recently demonstrated that the latest Vislink HCAM can provide equivalent quality 1080p HD video compared to the best MPEG-4 1080p HD resolution wireless camera devices, both at a significantly lower bit rate and with an equivalent latency. The HEVC compression gain and bit rate reduction that the Vislink HCAM offers is, in fact, significant enough to allow a reduction in modulation scheme from 16QAM to QPSK.

The change to the RF modulation that improved efficiency HEVC compression allows – compared to the best performing MPEG-4 HD transmission systems – provides 6dBs more robustness to the HD 1080p transmission link budget. Camera operators can utilise this increased link budget gain to ensure greater robustness of their wireless camera transmissions – ensuring less risk of picture drop-outs, reduced rigging of additional reception antenna installations or doubling of line-of-sight transmission range.

The HEVC compression gains now available in the Vislink HCAM wireless camera transmitter also benefit productions that are originated in 1080i. Despite the fact that HEVC has fewer enhancements in its toolset for interlaced formats – making compression gains in 1080i a significantly harder proposition for a HEVC codec – Vislink HCAM can now match the compression gain, latency and picture quality of the best MPEG-4 wireless camera solutions in 1080i formats, too.

The HEVC compression enhancements now available in the Vislink HCAM wireless camera transmitter allow this high-end device to be used not only in the top tier of UHD and HDR Event production, but now also as an all-round, everyday wireless camera device – providing 1080p HD feeds from twice the range that an MPEG-4 system can achieve, with the ability to match 1080i MPEG-4 systems in all respects and with the addition of encode-decode quality gain that comes from a full 10-bit 4:2:2 compression engine.

HCAM offers seamless 4K transmission capabilities for several applications including sports, broadcasting and event coverage. With highly flexible, configurable mounting options, HCAM works well with prosumer, broadcast and ENG cameras. The unit includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth control, compatible with iOS and Android handheld devices – ensuring that event operators can rollout a wireless camera solution that supports current and future technologies and operate it with ease.

Visit Telemedia (Pty) Ltd at Mediatech Africa 2019, taking place from 17 – 19 July at the Ticketpro Dome, Johannesburg.



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