Movievision unveils new showroom



Movievision, a leading supplier of television, theatre, studio and film lighting equipment for the last three decades, has recently installed a state-of-the-art new showroom at the company’s Wynberg offices, where customers can get a hands-on experience of the latest gear to hit the South African market.

Kierryn Harris, media and marketing liaison at Movievision, says the showroom contains “what we consider to be the most impressive fixtures from all the brands we represent. The idea is that when the client comes in, they can see the equipment – touch it, use it, interact with the fixture – and come to a more informed decision about what they need.”

With fixtures such as Spotlight’s new Hyperion Fresnel LED and Filmgear’s 1000W LED Spacelight attractively suspended from the ceiling on pantographs, John Harrison – CEO of Movievision – explains that the fixtures are connected to a dedicated mixing console to allow customers “to try out the different lights, and different combinations of lighting effects.”

At the moment, the rig is connected to a Chamsys MQ500 Stadium console, but Harrison explains that this will change as new consoles come in – and he demonstrates two brand new options from Zero88 (the FLX S24 and S48) which will soon have their turn to be the hub of the rig.

In addition to the hanging fixtures, the showroom is fitted with plinths where smaller, portable fixtures (such as DMG’s Mini Mix) are showcased. Kim Reed, who is in charge of sales at Movievision, explains that the “items on the plinths are manually controlled, and every time a new product is launched, it will take the place of one of the older fixtures you see on display now. That way the showroom will keep up-to-date with the latest lighting solutions on the market.”

Reed explains that the new showroom will also operate as a place to host “training sessions, for students or for anyone who is interested in learning how to operate these fixtures and controls. We start on the 17th of May with our first workshop with students. These training sessions will be free and we will try run them twice a month going forward.”

“We want this space to be very interactive,” Harris says. “We want people to come in, have a chat and a cup of coffee – and then actually work with the fixture and see how it functions. Instead of us just telling you about it, it’s so much better to experience the solutions for yourself.”

Visit Movievision’s beautiful new showroom in Wynberg, Sandton this month to test out the company’s premium selection of lighting solutions, including the Maxi Mix from DMG and the 1000W LED Spacelight from Filmgear, two fixtures that have recently scooped awards at April’s 2019 NAB Show in Las Vegas.


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