Globecast launches Server Side Dynamic Ad Insertion at NAB Show 2019


New for NAB 2019, Globecast debuts Server Side Dynamic Ad Insertion (SSDAI), a ground-breaking, advertising insertion technology. SSDAI is changing the media landscape by dynamically detecting and substituting the broadcast ads with more personalised or targeted ads and is becoming the leading solution in premium over-the-top streaming video environments.


As part of a new partnership with SnifferCat® patented cloud-based technology, Globecast’s expanded offering allows media owners and their service providers the ability to automate and simplify their OTT migration by employing sophisticated automated cue point detection, ad insertion, channel scheduling and advanced data analytics.  The technology was designed to simplify and address market changes from consumer’s ever-evolving viewing habits. With no CAPEX infrastructure investments and virtually no learning curve for users, SSDAI is creating new revenue streams for content owners.


Also on show:

Platform and content protection with Business Continuity

Globecast’s Business Continuity services are comprised of disaster recovery, cyber threat protection and content protection. Globecast provides a range of disaster recovery solutions for channel playout and TV headends, from a simple loop of “evergreen” content, to a full mirror of the primary master control operation, keeping customer businesses running through all eventualities. Globecast creates bespoke packages for each customer, with either dedicated or shared solutions, on-premise or in the cloud.


With the increasing threat from both exposing content to the internet and also wider cyber-attacks, it’s critical today for broadcasters to both ensure hardware and site redundancy, plus content security. Cyber defense is integrated by design within the company’s Business Continuity service, with Globecast working with its sister company Orange Cyber Defense to provide solutions to help protect priority IT platforms (OTT, VOD and playout).

Globecast also provides content protection solutions: fingerprinting to identify and trace content; watermarking to identify the user and/or device; and encryption to protect content during transport. It can use the proven expertise of sister company Viaccess-Orca or Globecast can work with other content protection solutions if preferred.


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