Impressive opening for 3 Days To Go at the local box office


Local “dramedy”, 3 Days To Go, has passed the R1 Million mark at the box office since its release on Friday, 25 January, with more than 17 696 tickets sold. It ranked number 5 at the local box office.

“Thank you South Africa for coming out in the numbers to support our film. Looking forward to your continued support. If you have a family, then you need to see this film,” said director, Bianca Isaac.

The film tells the story of adult siblings who, after the sudden death of their father, are forced to return to their childhood home – with an assortment of partners, children and issues in tow. They need to survive three days in each other’s company, under one roof, before they spread their father’s ashes and part ways.

The movie boasts an impressive cast, which includes, Leeanda Reddy, Bollywood’s Lillette Dubey, Jailoshini Naidoo, Kajal Bagwandeen, Rahul Brijnath, Pranesh Maharaj, Ruben Naidoo and Zakeeya Patel as the dysfunctional Isaac family. They are joined on screen by Jonathan Boynton-Lee, Tumi Morake and Ashish Gangapersad. Highlighting Isaac’s affinity towards nurturing young talent, 3 Days To Go also features newcomer Kiara Govender.

Movie critics are praising the film:

“Tragedy, comedy, betrayal, fear, hatred, deception, pain, love, redemption, and the true spirit of family are all woven into the tapestry of this moving film. Writer and director Bianca Isaac, along with producer Gregory Mthanji, and co-producer Bagwandeen-Singh, have brought to life a masterpiece whose impact lingers long after the credits have rolled.” –  Clinton Marius: ArtsMart

“This heart-warming movie about family and personal struggle transcends racial, and cultural boundaries. 3 Days to Go is the perfect movie to go see with your mother, brother, sister or cousin…” –   Graye Morkel: Channel 24

“The film 3 Days to Go is a sweetly sentimental South African production with a strong emotional thread which will appeal to a wide cross-section of cinemagoers. First-time movie director and writer Bianca Isaac has done a sterling job in marrying the elements, using split-screen techniques and Hollywood gloss to convey her multi-layered story.” – Peter Feldman: Citizen.

The film was produced in association with the KZN Film Commission (KZNFC), the IDC and the DTI.

Watch the trailer here.



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