CES 2019 shows profound new trends for media says DPP


The DPP, the media industry’s business change network, published its annual report on the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to its member companies. This year’s report has been enabled by DPP member company Covatic.

CES 2019, is the most in-depth publication on the trends to emerge from the world’s biggest technology trade show. It highlights the arrival of voice-led content voice search as the most significant development at CES 2019.

“Google assistant integration into smart displays was widespread at CES 2019,” reports DPP managing director and author of the report, Mark Harrison, “In short, most smart TVs now work with some combination of Apple, Amazon or Google voice search, as well other proprietary voice solutions. This contextual voice-led content search takes consumers one step nearer publisher-agnostic content platforms of the kind we have seen in news and music.”

Voice content search wasn’t the only new trend at CES that could have profound implications for media. Among others was the emergence of out of home environments as technology rich spaces suited to ubiquitous media.

“There are a range of public spaces – from airports to shopping malls, leisure resorts to sports stadiums – that are really well suited to the introduction of the internet of things (IoT), AI, robotics and automation. And they will all need a supply of media,” says Harrison. “This is going to prove a very active market for technology and media companies over the next few years.”

The DPP has data on technologies and trends at CES going back to 2010, and the latest report sets the 2019 trends in a wider trends perspective. It is the first of a trio of reports from the DPP looking at key trends for media. The next will be the DPP’s 2019 Predictions, published in early February. This will be followed by a unique examination, called Blindsided, which looks at emerging trends that could prove highly disruptive for the professional media sector.


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