Nigeria’s film and TV industry targets global growth with NITV Summit in Paris

Ijeoma Onal, founder of the NITV Summit

Nigeria is home to the largest film and TV production hub on the African continent. In a bid to better position the country’s booming industry – more specifically the TV industry – for global business opportunities and collaboration, the Nigerian International Television Summit was launched.

Ijeoma Onal, founder of both the Nigerian International TV Summit (NITV), as well as the Nigerian International Film Summit (NIFS) comments: “Here in Nigeria, we have a burgeoning film and TV industry, and it’s important to us that the global industry understands what is happening locally especially the successes that are home-grown and exponential. These B2B events project the opportunities and possibilities in the Nigerian film and TV business ecosystem… More importantly, they teach how to navigate film and TV business in Nigeria because a lot of companies do not understand the dynamism of business in Nigeria, and struggle to find the right footing locally because of Nigeria’s  business peculiarities. These are B2B events focusing on the business of film and television and designed to drive the right business conversations about Nigeria and provide guidance and insight about our local industry.”

The two-day event, which will take place from 13 to 14 April, will be held in Paris, France, under the theme: Local for Global. The main objective for this Summit is to get French companies that are involved in production, distribution, dubbing and post-production, to engage in more business with the Nigerian entertainment industry.

“First Nigeria has very strong cultural ties with France, and so this event has the French Embassy as a major partner in order to promote stronger trade and economic relations between the two countries within the TV ecosystem. Secondly, it’s in France because our events are strategically positioned to target industry executives with different business interests in Nigeria and have them come under the same roof for networking and panel discussions on business with Nigeria, thereby creating a business platform for global companies to engage with local businesses from Nigeria,” Onal explains.

Registration to attend the event can be done on the NITV website. However, only eligible businesses who have received a confirmation email to attend the affair will be allowed entrance to the Summit.

On the programme, the first day of the Summit will include panel discussions positioned to unpack and tackle Nigeria’s on-going digital switch-over (DSO). Nigeria’s digital migration is said to have already been launched in two states and will reach many more states in the upcoming months. “Government officials from Nigeria’s broadcast regulatory body will be attending NITV to engage the global TV industry on how they too can tap into the massive opportunities inherent in the migration and digital switchover,” informs Onal.

The second and final day will include a business workshop on producing. The workshop will cover technical requirements for international production and post-production, as well as advice on dubbing into French for optimised revenue for Nigerian independent television producers.

Other highlights and activities include the 5-minute B2B meetings and matchmakings. Additionally, screenings of Nigeria’s best-loved EbonyLife TV television productions will also be part of the second day’s events.

The Summit will be hosting prominent guests within the film and TV industry such as Nigeria’s award-winning female producer, Emem Isong-Misodi, as well as the  Electronic and Media Content Owners Association of Nigeria (EMCOAN), which is celebrated as the consortium of Nigeria’s best independent producers.

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